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“Back to a life I want to live” - Jonas’ Story


“I have been training since I was 10-11 years old, starting with orienteering and later on cross-country skiing and ski orienteering to maintain my endurance during the winter months.

But I got tired of orienteering when I was about 25 years old and started to train with a track and field group in Stockholm instead. I was training with middle-distance runners and loved the speed and intervals.

Before going to a training camp in Mallorca with the team, I met a girl at a party. We started talking and writing while I was away and continued to call each other back home. After the camp, I got injured and ended up starting a relationship with her.

Ten years later, we were married with two children, and life was good. I continued to train to keep my endurance up, running a few races and doing orienteering when my club needed me for relays.

Then on April 13th, 2013, my life took a sudden turn. I was at a recycling station, almost done throwing things out when I felt a sharp pain in my leg. Someone had hit my car, and my leg got crushed between the cars.

I was taken to the emergency room, where I had two surgeries to insert a metal plate to keep my bones in place, but my leg didn't get its natural position back. For a year, I walked on crutches, unable to stand on my left leg.

During that year, I had a tough time mentally. I was new at my job and eager to start working again, but I wasn't allowed to walk on my leg for the first three months and had to work from home. My employer wanted me to quit, thinking that I was the cause of a lot of issues at work.

My turning point came after my third surgery, where a Taylor Spatial Frame was inserted to correct my leg's position. I had to turn the screws on a daily basis, but I could walk directly after the surgery. Even though I had half a year ahead of me with a large frame on my leg, it was a relief for me mentally, as I could feel it was the way back to a more physical life again.

Six months later, on August 12th, 2014, the frame was removed, and my life could begin again. It was around this time that I noticed an ad on Facebook for Freeletics, which had the motto "No Excuses." I downloaded the app and started my training.

I remember that Aphrodite was the first workout, and I thought I could complete it before my wife got home from work. I had about an hour, if I remember correctly, and I was so not prepared for how exhausted I was about to be. I had to save most of the workout for the day after.

With "No Excuses" echoing in my head and the important mindset of not quitting, I was determined to complete what I had started, and I finished the workout. Freeletics became my way to strengthen my body and mind after what I´d been through the past year and a half.

Fast forward to October 2014 on vacation in Rhodos, when I ran my first hundred meters outside since the accident. Later in November, my physiotherapist and I ran a 10 km race in a new traffic tunnel here in Stockholm. It was such a nice feeling to run that day. My body felt like it did in the old days. I was exhausted, but mostly grateful to be able to run.

After crossing the finish line in about 47 minutes that day, I realized I was back. Back to a life I want to live. With a mind and body ready for what life has to offer. It still makes me emotional, and I have to fight to keep my tears back writing this. I have Freeletics to thank for all this.

In June 2019 I managed to set new PBs in all Hell Week workouts. One of my top performances with Freeletics. Then during the pandemic, my daily routines were changed again.

I had a change of job and a herniated disc while at the same time as I was struggling with an injured shoulder. This caused me to lose a bit of that "No Excuses" along the way. But no matter the obstacles in life, I always have Freeletics to go to for some time on my own and to keep me strong and healthy.

It was the attitude of "No Excuses" that got me back in shape and to a better shape than ever before. I have never been stronger than I was during the five years after I started using Freeletics.

I will be having my 50th birthday in October next year. The same year I’ll be celebrating ten years since the removal of the frame. My new goal is to do all of the God workouts before the 12th of August next year.

I have some challenges ahead of me as I haven’t yet mastered a Muscleup, and I cannot do Standups or Pistols correctly, but age is just a number, right?”

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