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Unleashing potential at any age - Jiri’s Story


“Throughout my life, I've always been an active individual, engaging in various sports and physical activities like competitive freestyle skiing, trampoline, extreme skiing, boxing, and martial arts—I have black belts in Karate, taekwondo (ITF style), and Wing Chun. However, these pursuits have taken a toll on my body, resulting in several injuries and five knee operations.

Previously, I never really worried about my injuries. But age catches up to you. At 62 years old, I find the best way to stay in shape is plyometrics, and that’s how I discovered Freeletics.

What sets Freeletics apart is its ability to keep me active and fit, even in limited spaces. I no longer need a gym membership or a large workout area. Whether I'm in my apartment, on the road staying at a hotel, or anywhere else, I can exercise without limitations.

When the pandemic hit and gyms closed their doors, I was grateful that I could stay in shape with Freeletics, ensuring that I didn't gain any unwanted weight like many others did.

I’m still exercising even though I need to make some modifications to the workouts because of my knee. But, aside from that, I stick to what the Coach assigns me. I love it.

Looking back at my journey, I've experienced significant transformations. At my heaviest I was 150 kg, mainly due to surgeries on my knee and right arm, resulting from a motorcycle crash and taekwondo injuries. Today, I weigh 88.6 kg.

Am I in the best shape of my life? No. That was many years ago. Am I in better shape than the majority of people over 30? Absolutely.

This is because of diet, sleep, and Freeletics.”

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