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Jeanne’s story

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Recognise Jeanne? Most people know her as the face of our “Real People, Real Results” campaign. But what you probably don’t know is that she’s also a real Free Athlete, who started off just like everybody else. Read more to discover her story to greatness.

I’m Jeanne from France and my Freeletics journey all started on the 14th of November 2014. After two months of wondering whether or not I should get the Coach, I realized the only way I would ever change was if I started now.

The first few sessions were so hard for me. I had never done sports like this before and it was a total shock to the system. So don’t worry if at the beginning you find it tough. I suffered from a couple of injuries at first, mainly because I didn’t warm up and stretch properly. But this didn’t stop me. Once I let my body recover I came out stronger, more determined and more motivated to move forward.

Jeanne's Story

I have now been with Freeletics for over 3 years. For 3 years I have continually pushed myself, achieved new goals, set myself new challenges and taken on new projects. Freeletics helped me to find the confidence within myself to do this. To discover how strong I am. Physically and mentally.

Of course there were times when I wondered why was I doing this. I asked myself why did you even start? I had huge moments of doubt. Moments when I had lost all motivation. But you know, there is no satisfaction quite like the kind you experience when you can say that despite the lows and aside from failure, at some point down the road, you still succeeded. Believe me, the game is worth the gamble. And do not be discouraged if the results don’t show within two weeks. Do not be discouraged if you feel like you aren’t getting better. The road is long and full of pitfalls. But as we say “no pain, no gain.” Freeletics is a struggle and you have to fight for what you really want.


To top it off, I became an ambassador and recently featured in the new campaign video. What a pride, honour and joy. I now look forward to seeing what the future has in store for me.

Oh and a big thanks to the community. It was you guys that kept me going.

ClapClap Jeanne. Living proof that perseverance pays off. That hard work is always rewarded. Follow her in the app and follow in her footsteps. The strongest, happiest and most confident version of yourself awaits you.