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The importance of the community


Other times, it’s a battle to get out of bed. You sleep in and decide to train after work or school. By that time you’re tired. You struggle to get off the couch. And if it’s not the couch, it’s the laptop, the phone, or the television. Before you know it, it’s time for bed and you still haven’t trained.

On days like this, you need a little kick in the ass to get you going. That’s when the Freeletics community can lend a helping hand. When you have to decide between staying inside where it’s warm and comfortable, or going outside to train, ask another Free Athlete. If you lack motivation, they will help you. Sometimes just opening up the app and seeing others on your feed is enough. When you know others are training, you know what you have to do. Get out there and train. The mind is a tough enemy. If you’re still struggling to find motivation, meet up with other Free Athletes. You’ll show up if someone is waiting for you.

The Freeletics community is so much more than just a bunch of social media friends. They are Free Athletes just like you. Don’t just read their comments. Be inspired by them. They are doing the same workouts. The same exercises. They feel the same exhaustion. Their muscles ache in the same places. When they set a PB, cheer for them. Then try to beat it.

The community helps each other. When you draw strength from the community, you feel good. When you give encouragement and motivation to others, you feel even better. Training with others, whether online or in person, will improve your life. You will meet new people. You will push each other to faster times and more repetitions. And you will get fit together.

Freeletics Running

Free Athletes are training together around the world. There are more than 500 Freeletics groups on Facebook. Athletes join these groups because they know they need support to reach their true potential. And the best part is, when you join, you will get support. Immediately.

For example, after you’ve done your first Aphrodite you feel pretty exhausted. But you also feel proud. If you share these feelings with the community you will get a lot of positive comments and feedback from the other Free Athletes who remember their first Aphrodite. “Good job!” “WOW great for your first time!” “U inspire me!” The community will give you strength and confidence to try even harder on your second workout.

The Freeletics App and web platform offer even greater opportunities to stay in contact with other Free Athletes. When someone posts a training session, hit the #ClapClap button and write an encouraging comment. Seeing other Athletes train will push you to train even harder. (Want to know what ClapClap means click here.)

The Freeletics community is huge. If you need proof, check out the Facebook page or discover the Freeletics training groups. Watch here, for example, a video of the training group Bielefeld-Paderborn, Germany.

Freeletics is not just a sport, it is a movement. The best thing about Freeletics is that you can do it anywhere. Not a Free Athlete yet? Download the free App today, grab some friends, and test a few workouts.