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Becoming a morning person: 3 ways to make your mornings appealing

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How often do you wake up, look through your Freeletics feed and envy other athletes who have already trained? We all want to be a morning person. But it doesn’t just happen by chance. You need to make yourself want to get out of bed for something. The first thing to do is give your morning purpose. Take a look at what we mean:

Become best friends with a morning person

If there’s no one waiting for you, and you’re sure as hell not waiting for yourself, chances are you won’t get up. So find a friend, colleague, brother or sister who you know is already a morning person and ask if they’re free for 7am training. Don’t forget to mention they have to keep calling until you pick up. And when you do, they are under no circumstances allowed to take no for an answer.

Have something to look forward to

Why do we wake up early on Christmas day? Or the morning of a vacation? The reason is because we are excited for something. With this in mind, try preparing a kick-ass breakfast or baking bread the night before. The smell and excitement when you remember it the next morning should be enough to drag you out of bed. And it doesn’t always have to be food. You know that new pair of sneakers you bought yesterday? Remember they’re sitting at the front door just waiting for you to wear them. Get up!

Think of the positives

The underground is emptier. Streets are quieter. The sun’s out. You have first choice of breakfast in the bakers afterwards: There are so many positives that come from waking up early and training or going for a run. They might not seem all that motivating right now, but once you start experiencing these, they make mornings so much more appealing. Soon you’ll realize how much you miss them on the days you sleep in.

**Don’t accept that you’re just not a morning person. Like everything else in life, it takes time and getting used to. Give it purpose. Make it appealing. Mornings are by far the best part of the day. It’s time to realize what you’ve been missing out on. **

Already a morning person? We want to know your secret? What gets you up in the morning? Leave a comment below.