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What is Freeletics Ghost?

The Freeletics Ghost training mode allows you to compete against your PB – each moment of your workout. It shows exactly how long it took you for every single exercise within the workout when achieving your PB. It shows you how far behind or ahead of it you are at any given point. It provides you with the ultimate push to outgrow yourself – and beat your PB.

How can I train with the Ghost Mode?

Start your training and track your workout performance. Constantly compare your performance to your PB. Every bar stands for one exercise and the time needed for it. Be faster than the last time. Make sure to switch to the next exercise of your workout right after you have completed all repetitions of the current one.  See the difference to your PB. Be aware of every single movement. Sometimes it’s just a few second that decide if you’ll make it. Grab them. Give it your all. Succeed. After your workout, analyze your single exercise performances, isolate your weaknesses and constantly improve your workout strategy.

Train with the Ghost Mode and get motivated like never before. Take your training to the next level with the Freeletics Ghost. Start now!