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“Get out my face”: Tried and tested high intensity hairstyles

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Ever get frustrated when your hair gets in your face during training? If you’ve got long hair then you’ll know how annoying it can be. Especially during a high intensity, full body workout. The last thing you want is to lose precious seconds tying up your hair.

So to save you some frustration and keep you working towards that PB, we have some suggestions. Tried and tested hairstyles from girls who are no strangers to a full body workout. Stylish yet practical ways to keep your hair out of your face during your workout. But still looking good for whatever you have planned after.

The double knot


Step 1: Scrape hair back into a tight ponytail on top of your head.


Step 2: Split ponytail in two sections.


Step 3: Take both sections of hair, wrapping one around the other and tying into a knot.


Step 4: Pull to tighten.


Step 5: Once tightened, take the long sections of hair and tie again, making a double knot


Step 6: Wrap the leftover longer strands of hair around the knot and tie in place with a hair band.


Step 7: Hairspray to keep in place, grab your training mat and get to work.

The classic braid


Step 1: Gather a small section of hair from the front and scrape back – it’s a good idea to apply hair serum to the hair first to avoid stray hairs and make it easier to style.


Step 2: Divide the section of hair into three and then begin to french braid.


Step 3: Braid by looping each section of hair underneath the other. As you do this gather hair from the sides and add these to the sections of hair whilst looping.


Step 4: Continue all the way down, making sure you pull the hair tight so that it stays in place.


Step 5: Tie hair together with a hair band, spray with hairspray to keep in place, and you’ve got yourself one Freeletics proof hairstyle ready for training.

Get the look: Max. PRFRMNCE FreeKnit Longsleeve

The side braid bun


Step 1: Part hair to one side and apply a tiny amount of hair serum all over to make styling easier.


Step 2: Take the side parted hair, divide into three sections and begin to french braid.


Step 3: Continue the braid until you reach the top of your neck, then tie together with a hair band.


Step 4: Gather all hair together and twist tightly.


Step 5: Wrap the twisted hair round into a bun and tie in place with a hair band, using bobby pins to keep any loose hairs in place.

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Step 6: Apply hairspray and you’re good to go.

Get the look: Max. PRFRMNCE FreeKnit Tank Top

Tried and tested by you? Let us know your thoughts. Or share your favourite hairstyles below.