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Germany Needs More Muscle


Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse is a University Professor for Prevention and Rehabilitation at the German Sports University in Cologne, where he is the head of the Institute for Physiotherapy and acts as a health expert. He also works as an expert of the German Bundestag and as a scientific consultant for health insurance companies. He is also a multiple German Vice World Sprint Champion, has published several best sellers, and serves as a health expert in the media.

The focus of this interview with Freeletics CEO Daniel Sobhani is on the development of Germany as it pertains to sports and health, trending topics such as body image and the weight- loss wonder-drug semaglutide, and the enormous importance of muscles.

Watch this episode to learn about: 

  • The shocking development of Germany with regards to sports and health 

  • Why food and nutrition can increasingly be a threat 

  • How technology can make it more difficult for us to be fit and healthy 

  • A plea for properly handling different diets 

  • The right fitness goals being successful and happy 

  • His opinion on semaglutides - the hyped-up, wonder-drugs for weight loss in the USA 

  • His new book “Muscles – they make you healthy” on the history and importance of muscles 

  • The typical course of muscle mass during aging, how to train properly, and how much muscle you need as you age 

  • The many benefits of muscles that most people are not aware of 

  • The best and worst fitness tips 

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