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Mel’s Story


Once you reach your goals, it can sometimes be tough to stay there. Life can get in the way, but the most important thing is not to give up just because you have a setback. Sometimes, you have to find a new solution or a different approach to the problem. Mel is a perfect example for this. After putting her very fit and active life on hold for her work, she decided to commit to herself again and make time to get back to where she was before. And in the process fell in love with a sport she never really liked all that much: running. Read about the very first transformation with Freeletics Running here:

It all started when I was on holiday with my boyfriend. When I saw myself in the mirror I was shocked. My body was shapeless. My bikini was far too tight and this left me too ashamed to leave the room without covering myself up. Even going swimming was too embarrassing, because I didn’t want people to see my body. All the things you’re supposed to enjoy on a holiday were torture for me. At this point I realized that my body wasn’t MY body anymore. I knew things had to change, so I promised myself that as soon as I was back home, I would do something about it.

Mel's Story

A year before this, I started my own business. Anyone who has done this knows it means working 12 to 16 hours a day. I had no time to even think about nutrition and exercising. This was the biggest reason for my weight gain. Up until then I had been very fit. I played handball for many years, did Crossfit and gymnastics and ran sometimes. But when work became my priority, I let myself go and gained over 13 kilos. But it never really hit me until that holiday.

Mel's Story


Shortly after I got back, I was given the chance to be a part of the first test group for the brand new Freeletics Running app. I knew this was the perfect opportunity. My work/life balance was getting better, so I could make time for training and for cooking my own healthy meals. It’s also worth mentioning at this point that running was never my favorite sport. But I knew that after years of strength training and Crossfit, I needed to take on a new challenge if I really wanted to see a change. So running it was.

I managed to survive the fitness test, but it was the first workout that brought me to my absolute limit. I couldn’t believe how unfit I had become in just one year. I immediately thought about quitting. But my determination was greater than any pain. So I stuck to it. I trained both alone and with a small group, and every single session was a challenge. Some days I looked forward to it. On others, I dreaded it and tried everything to put it off. But I knew that once I put on my running shoes and got through the first five minutes, it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought.


Finding the motivation to start was – and still is – the hardest part. But I always think of the feeling afterwards. It’s awesome! Pride, happiness, relief and knowing that I’m one step closer to my goal. This kept me going every day. But there were times when I lost motivation. After the first five weeks I felt frustrated at how little my body had changed. But I kept telling myself that I had to be patient and keep going.


But then suddenly there was a huge difference. My clothes were looser, my performance better. I was running distances that seemed impossible at the beginning. At this point I really began to enjoy it. The interval training was no longer torture. I started to feel really good about myself and confident with my appearance. And others noticed too. I was at the point of no return. And enjoying every second.


I ran in all weathers. Giving up was not even an option. And from week 8 the changes were incredible. That was by far the best motivation! Believe me when I say that the hard work pays off! After three months with Freeletics Running I can safely say that it works. No, it’s not easy, but nothing will come to you by chance. Yes, it does push you to your limits – and beyond. But I have realised that nothing worth having comes without hard work. I’ve now lost nine kilos and dropped 2 dress sizes. My new fit and healthy body is a reflection of my quality of life. And I worked my ass off to get it back.


These three months not only changed my body, but they gave me back the mental strength I need to fight through anything in order to achieve my goals. I never thought this would happen through running, but it did. And this is something I never want to lose again.


I really hope that everyone gives themselves a chance to achieve what I have. It’s hard and tiring, no question about it. But the result is worth the struggle, every time.

Now it’s your turn. Get your running shoes on and go!