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Michael’s story


Some people may make excuses not to train. It’s not about having time. It’s about making it. You really want something? Then don’t just wish for it. Go out of your way to make it happen. The benefits will always outweigh the costs.

Michael made the decision to start doing sports. He travelled a lot with work and therefore couldn’t join a gym. But he didn’t let this excuse stand in his way. Michael discovered that with Freeletics he could join a group in nearly every city he visited and be motivated by the community no matter where he was. This is how Michael became a Free Athlete and how it changed his life.

Hi, my name is Michael from Münster, Germany and in early 2014 I made the decision to change myself. I reduced my carbohydrate intake and managed to reduce my weight by 15kg in 3 months. As well as changing my diet I also wanted to start doing sports. But because I travel a lot for business, sports clubs and gyms were not an option. When I searched for Bodyweight Exercises on YouTube I came across Levent’s transformation video. Before that, I had never heard of Freeletics. However, I was instantly fascinated by his transformation and decided: That’s what I want to do!

My aim in the first 15 weeks was to lose weight and reduce body fat with the Cardio & Strength Coach. It was tough but I succeeded and lost more than 5kg. I gained muscle and reduced my body fat from 18% to 11%. Since mid-August, I train with the Strength Coach and focus on muscle growth. I am currently 1,76m, weigh 69kg and my body fat percentage is 9%. My long term goal is to maintain my fitness level and reach my full potential with Freeletics. My new attitude towards life is just too good to ever lose it.


After my first Aphrodite, which nearly took me one hour to do, I was completely exhausted. I really pushed myself to my limits. But I was so proud of myself that I didn’t give up. Sore muscles should never be underestimated! Nevertheless, I kept going. I can now do Aphrodite in less than 17 minutes and there is still room for improvement.

At first, I trained on my own. At home, at the hotel or in parks when I was away for business. I became active on Facebook (Michael Fettwech) and couldn’t believe how many Freeletics groups there are. I was able to find training partners in nearly every city. This was also an opportunity to get to know new people and to motivate and push each other. Training in a group is great and everyone should take advantage of this opportunity and join.


What motivated me is the physical changes that I can achieve with Freeletics. Sometimes I look in the mirror and cannot believe what I see. It’s amazing what you can achieve in such a short period of time if you have a clear goal and work for it. All you need is discipline and persistence. However, what keeps me motivated even more is to see that I can inspire and motivate other Athletes with my success – such as Levent motivated me with his video. In Münster, Germany I regularly do Newbie Sessions where I give beginners useful tips. It’s fun to see that success is contagious and it feels good to pass on some of my own success. I am more self-confident. Freeletics not only trains your body but also your mental power and perseverance. Something that I need in all aspects of life.

To those beginning their athletic journey I would tell them that starting Freeletics can be really tough and demanding. Especially for those who don’t train often. Always listen to your body and pay attention to getting your technique right. Your workout time plays a minor role at the beginning. You will get better in time. I personally think that modified workouts, such as a half Aphrodite, are also ok at the beginning. Struggling too much at the beginning and giving up frustrated will benefit no one. If you stay tuned, you can turn your life upside-down with Freeletics – in a positive sense!


Freeletics is tough. It will never be easy. So it’s important that you find something that motivates you. For Michael, being part of the Community was his motivation. It gave him the extra push he needed to unleash his potential and in turn he motivated other Free Athletes to unleash theirs. With the Freeletics Community you always have a training partner. To motivate you. To push you to your limits. To go through this journey together. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or on the road. Find the nearest community to you and join it.