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“Without sacrifice there is no reward“ – Francisco’s Story


“I am 68 years old and I have been doing the exercises in the app for exactly six years and three months. I have always exercised with my son, basically running around 3–5 thousand meters, at a leisurely pace, two to three times a week.

However, due to my son Luis Guilherme’s (level 69) activities (college, etc.), it started to become difficult to count on his company to do the little runs. So I started walking on the streets near my home assuming that I would do less and less physical activity.

Well, my son told me about an application for high-intensity exercise that used an artificial intelligence program that adapted the training to the athlete's physical condition.

I got a subscription from my son and dear daughter-in-law, Isabela Sardeto (level 67) as a Christmas present. Since then I have not been able to stop, going at my own pace, trying to improve every day.

My son, knowing that I was about to stop exercising in an act of love, invited me to participate in the exercises with him. Each one with his own mat, we started. Following the application, he told me what the exercise was and dictated the rhythm. Today I can confess that I often felt like kicking the bucket and stopping, but we kept going, one encouraging the other…

However, after a few months, the difference of almost 40 years began to weigh on me and, in order not to hinder him, I decided to do the exercises alone.

Today, at 68 years old, I am very proud to be level 108 with more than a million points in Freeletics. I keep moving forward and I am grateful for the ClapClaps of my fellow travelers, and especially to my son Luis Guilherme and my daughter-in-law Isabela Sardeto, who kicked things off.

As important as the improvement in physical performance is the mental work of fighting resignation, discipline, resistance to pain, and the awareness that in life, without sacrifice there is no reward.

This is my testimony of how I started, how I walked these six years and how I got here. Thank you Freeletics.”

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