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Fitness, technology, food: Your fit vacation must-haves

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Forget sunblock, shades and flip flops. This year your summer vacation essentials include fitness, technology and food. Read more to discover the top 3 stay fit summer must-haves – no extra luggage space required. #WinWin


Functional fitness & strength

Whether it’s a hiking trip to the Alps, snorkelling in the Bahamas or city tripping in Barcelona, functional fitness makes every vacation that little bit better. Even if your holiday isn’t action-packed, we’ve all got luggage to lift; planes, trains and buses to catch; markets to explore and streets to shop. For those who stay on top of their fitness game all year round, these tasks are easy breezy – leaving you with enough energy in the tank for more fun activities. So step it up a gear and aim to improve your basic cardio and functional strength just in time for your getaway.


Running interval training app

The best thing about running intervals is that you don’t necessarily need to know your way around a new area to go for a run. 3km is likely to be the longest interval you’ll face, with most intervals being between 200m and 400m. So if you aren’t vacationing somewhere out in the countryside, you can still squeeze in that morning run. All you need is a short straight and your running app.


Local cuisine know-how

Cuisine is a huge part of any culture. But can you really get a taste of the local food and still eat clean? The secret lies in doing your research. No you don’t need to stick to eggs, oats and lettuce all holiday. Instead, look into which ingredients are available, traditional, seasonal and locally grown and produced. Then, cross check their nutritional value and compare with your familiar healthy ingredients back home. What’s your protein-rich alternative? Which carb can act as your morning muesli? Is there a local sugar-free sweet substance that can satisfy your sweet tooth? Find ways to enjoy the local cuisine, clean.