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Finding fitness after achieving an academic goal: Cyndi’s Transformation


Just before embarking on her Transformation Journey, Cyndi didn’t consider herself to be very fit. She had taken a path in life that had seen her achieve one major life goal but that had also caused her to pay less attention to her overall health.

When she moved from Colombia to live in Germany in 2014 to study, Cyndi was highly focused on her studies and achieving the high marks that she was striving for.

As she pursued what she called her greatest goal--passing her exams and graduating from her program--Cyndi found herself paying less and less attention to her fitness levels. Over the course of her diligent studies, the stress of preparing for coursework led her to give in to “hunger attacks” and poor eating habits, which ultimately led her to gaining unwanted weight.

While she was able to proudly achieve the goal of finishing her program, the effects of neglecting a good diet and regular exercise had left her feeling insecure with her body and wanting to make a change for the better.

Although she believes strongly that her body is her “sacred temple” and that she needs to care for it on levels “spiritual, intellectual, and physical”, she has struggled since her academic days to find a path back to her ideal self.

Cyndi looked to Freeletics to help lead her back to a healthier lifestyle overall through good exercise and nutrition habits, a “balance between nutrition and sport”.

At the start of her Transformation Journey, Cyndi’s weight was 80 kg, well above what she weighed when she started her studies. With a vision of a fitter self in mind, she enthusiastically began her twelve weeks of Transformation with the Bodyweight Coach and Nutrition Coach.

Cyndi chose the Balanced Fat Burn because she felt this particular Training Journey would help her lose weight and feel stronger again at the same time.

During the first weeks, she found the volume of the bodyweight training challenging along with having to be more mindful and planned in her meals. But she stuck to it, and by the midpoint of her Journey, she was already feeling much better and was finding it much easier to stick to the routine that she had started.

After just a few weeks of steady training and following the Nutrition Coach’s advice, Cyndi’s started to see the results that she wanted, just as she had done in her studies when working diligently to get the grades she had aimed for.

By the end of the twelve week Transformation, Cyndi had dropped 3 kg and 3 cm off her waist and stomach. Hell Week was as exhausting for her as promised, but she was happy to fulfill her commitment to herself and she found herself motivated to continue on with the Coach and keep going with her training group.

Watch Cyndi’s transformation and hear her story in her own words here: