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What are the best calorie-burning exercises?


Whether it’s summer being around the corner, a friend’s wedding or that milestone birthday coming up, certain events during the year remind us of our goal to get in shape and lose those last few kilos. And once our goal is set, we want it right there and then. That’s why we’ve gathered the four best calorie-burning Freeletics exercises and workouts, to help all the impatient people out there who want to burn calories…fast! Here’s how to get in shape without wasting another minute.

Interval runs to shed your pounds

Short but intense sprints followed by recovery periods, are an effective way to burn a lot of calories, quickly. Varying your speed and intensity, activates your metabolism and burns up to three times as many calories than a “normal” slow-paced endurance run. Why do interval runs burn more calories? When you speed up, you are moving the same body mass at a higher speed compared to when you jog comfortably. This requires your body to put more effort into making your muscle fibers work more explosively – and therefore more energy is required and more calories burned. So, if you want to run off your calories the fastest way possible, open your Freeletics Running app and tackle workouts like Seth, Xerxes or Maat.

The calorie-destroyer: Burpees

One of the best calorie-burning single exercises is undoubtedly the burpee. It’s because of their effectiveness that they are included in so many Freeletics workouts and intervals. What makes burpees so effective? This exercise trains your whole body. It requires both your muscle strength as well as your strength endurance and stamina. Due to the repetitive and quick movement from the horizontal position when doing the push-up to the vertical position during the jump, a large part of your musculature in your legs, core, back and arms – so basically in your entire body – needs to be provided with a lot of energy to execute the movement. So if you want to get your heart racing and your body fat melting, you know what to do.

Bodyweight workouts with sprints

So, if sprints burn a lot of calories, and exercises like burpees can torch them too, why not tackle this powerful combination to lose the extra pounds faster? Merging sprints and exercises like jumps, climbers, burpees or squats in one training session not only brings more variety to your training but also engages other body parts such as your core and your upper body. Ready to lose body fat quickly? Then it’s time to meet the Freeletics Bodyweight gods Hera, Apollon and Iris.

Jump on the rowing machine, work off the calories

If you don’t know how effective the rowing machine is, then it’s time we enlightened you. Your entire body is engaged during rowing, as it involves your legs, core and arms, making it a popular form of training for all athletes, not just rowers. Since rowing trains both your muscular and cardiovascular endurance, not only do you increase your stamina, but you also strengthen your muscles. As with sprinting, you can increase the calorie-burning effect of rowing by doing intervals. Rowing at maximum intensity for short periods, using recovery phases to catch your breath and prepare for the next intense round. In the Freeletics Gym app you can choose between intervals, ladders and pyramids, which all include recovery breaks. These workouts however, are only as effective as you make them. So you have to push yourself to your limits if you want to see real results. What are you waiting for? Let’s get rowing.