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Amazona: leg day’s worst fear

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The Amazons

Daughters of the Goddess of harmony, Harmonia, and God of war, Ares, the Amazons were the perfect combination of ferocious nature and accurate skill. This tribe of women warriors were known for their brutal and relentless fighting style along with their expert horsemanship and archery. According to Greek Mythology the Amazons were a part of the Trojan war, and led by their queen Penthesilea, faced Achilles and his soldiers in battle. They were fearless, talented, and beautiful, becoming known by all in ancient Greece.

The workout

A three-dimensional workout focused on the lower body, Amazona will have your legs beat in no time. With a deadly combination of of lunges, squats, and planks we can guarantee that that your butt, thighs and abs will be on fire. This workout will not only push your strength and cardio, but it will challenge your balance and lateral movement as well. Only two rounds long but packed full of back-to-back lower body exercises, Amazona was designed to train your legs like a true Amazon warrior and will rival the muscle pain you’ve already experienced after a Kentauros. Challenge Amazona and develop the sheer power and of the Amazons.

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Brutal yet beautiful

In battle, Amazons were the last tribe you wanted to face. If you weren’t already dead from a long range arrow shot, you would soon be charged at, and have to face an incredibly talented warrior with an axe and shield on horseback. But when the armor came off, Amazons were known for their wisdom and beauty.

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Develop the mindset of the Amazons. Rather than flaunting their talents and looks they trained and fought day in and day out for what they believed in. As Free Athletes, we aspire to be like these warriors. Get dirty. Train hard. Embrace the burn and push past it. Focus on the process and watch the results come on their own. #ButtsQuadsAmazons #LegsForDays