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7 tips for doing Freeletics during the holidays


The holidays are almost here. Many athletes will be traveling to visit family and friends. This often means a change in routines. It would be easy to stop training and take a break. But nobody said Freeletics was going to be easy. You are not going to stop training. You are a Free Athlete. You find places to train wherever you are, whatever you are doing. These tips will help you keep up on your training while away from home:

Plan ahead

When you are packing, make sure to include your workout clothes. There’s nothing worse than going to train and discovering that you forgot workout clothes. But if you do forget them, train anyways. There are no excuses.

Invite others to join you

Don’t get too comfortable because everybody says, “Gosh you look great!” If you’re staying with friends and family, invite them to train with you. Freeletics is for everyone. Even if they have never trained before. Tell them to download the free App. There is nothing greater than the look on your uncle’s face when you show him how to do a burpee. After their first Aphrodite, they’ll be hooked. Free Athletes are Tough Together and Free. You can find a new community wherever you go.

Be intentional

Set aside time to train every day. Be specific. If you are training by yourself, choose a time when others are busy. Wake up early and train when everyone else is sleeping. Or at night, train while they are watching TV. If they will train with you, choose a time that works for everyone.

Pick your location

Before you start your training session, take a few minutes to find a place where you can concentrate. Free Athletes can train anywhere. But your performance will be better if you are not interrupted. This could be in your room, at the gym, or even outside. The key is to stay focused. Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean your performance should decrease. Connect to other Free Athletes in your area, find the right location and set a new PB!

There is always enough time

You already know this because you are a Free Athlete. You can do a short training session even when you are busy. Most workouts take less than thirty minutes. You can find thirty minutes in your day. Still too much? Choose several exercises from the Training section of the App or website. For example, ten burpees, ten pushups and ten jackknives will only take a few seconds. Do them throughout your day whenever you have a free moment. You will be surprised at how many repetitions you can do in a single day this way.

Bring healthy snacks

It’s easy to eat unhealthy food when you travel. Don’t do it. It’s just as easy to eat delicious, healthy food if you plan ahead. Bring granola bars, fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. Skip the fried, sweet and processed foods. Grab bottles of water or a smoothie instead of soda. If you have to eat out, order a salad or a lean protein like fish or grilled chicken. #EatClean.

Volunteer in the kitchen

Of course you can’t tell your parents, grandparents, aunt or uncle, that you won’t eat the food they made. But if you help in the kitchen and prepare the garnish, sauce or even the dessert, you’ll know what you eat and you may be able to use healthier, delicious ingredients. Helping in the kitchen is just as good for you as it is for your family.

Christmas is a time when you should enjoy yourself and the people around you. It’s the end of the old year and the beginning of a new one. Don’t let it end with regrets. Make every day count, even during the holidays. You are a Free Athlete. You have mental toughness and physical strength. Your identity does not change when you travel. Keep training. Make community. No excuses. 2016 is going to be a great year with great opportunities. A better you is waiting. Get ready. In 2016 you will be in the best shape of your life.