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The 1000 Burpees Challenge

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Some of the best athletes in the world top the Freeletics leaderboard. Their performance is incredible, their determination unbeatable. One of them is Alex. Free Athlete since 2012. Poseidon standard in 02:21, Venus standard in 13:13.

Has he reached his peak? No. With Freeletics, Alex is always challenged. He can always get faster, stronger, better. The new upgraded Training Coach takes his training to the next level. His first challenge with the new uprade: 1000 burpees. Did he step up to the challenge? Hell yeah!

I loved it. Afterwards I felt awesome and had hardly any muscle ache the next day. I knew I just had to to do it again.

It only took him 1 hour 21 minutes. The second time it took him 1 hour 23 minutes. Will he do it again? “Most definitely, I need to beat my PB”.

What’s next on the agenda? So after 1000 burpees, what’s next on the agenda? “I’m thinking 1000 pullups or maybe even 2000 burpees”.

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