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Winter is an opportunity. Not an excuse.

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Winter is not an excuse to take a break from training. Excuses don’t achieve goals. Winter is an opportunity. To push yourself harder. To gain willpower and motivation. To be the best you can be no matter the conditions. Winter will test you. It will test your determination, dedication, consistency. Use this test to discover your mental and physical strength. You will be surprised how much you can achieve if you are willing to push yourself to your limit.

If you think that you don’t need to train in winter you are wrong! Weak people use excuses and tell themselves that they should wait until spring to start. These people will never achieve their goals if they keep setting them back. You are better than that. You are not weak. You do not make excuses. You are a Free Athlete. If you really want to reach your dream then you have to work hard for it. You know there are no shortcuts or delays on the road to success. For you it’s never too cold, too wet, or too dark on the road to achieving your goals.

However, some people need a little motivation from time to time. Let these 5 reasons to train motivate you to continue or start right now.

The quicker you start your athletic journey the quicker you achieve your goals

Ambitions are there to be transformed into actions. If you have excuses now, you will have excuses in spring too. The quicker you start, the quicker you see results. Everything that is worth having is worth working for. It’s worth getting out there and bearing the cold!

You will become healthier

Being a Free Athlete is all about being the best that you can be. Unleash your potential. Your health is important in all aspects of your life. Cold weather running improves your energy levels. Training when it’s cold outside toughens up your body and makes your immune system more resistant to colds and the flu. Being healthy allows you to focus on other aspects of your life. Work, relationships. Focus on being the best that you can be.

You will be happier

There is no better feeling in the world than after you have completed a workout. When you train in the cold you get an oxygen boost from the amount of oxygen delivered to your brain. Exercise releases endorphins in the body which make you happy. Say goodbye to winter depression and stress. Moreover, training and fresh air lead to better sleep and you will start your days full of energy no matter how cold and dark they may be.

You will become stronger – physically and mentally

By working out in the cold, you strengthen your heart, your lungs and your circulatory system. You will also become mentally stronger. Your mind and body will both adapt. You will no longer feel as cold. Overcoming yourself and getting your workout done will make you proud, more determined and mentally stronger. More positive and motivated to succeed.

You are less likely to be distracted by Christmas temptations

Christmas is a time when everyone overindulges in alcohol and foods high in sugar content. By making the decision now to start or continue your athletic journey, you will be stronger and less vulnerable to the temptations over the holidays. The training itself will lead to a more active metabolism, so that if necessary you can still have an exception without jeopardizing your overall goals.

These are just 5 reasons why you should train during the winter period. If the weather makes you doubt yourself picture winter as another person telling you that you can’t succeed. Prove it wrong. Remember you are not alone. Other Free Athletes all over the world are in the same position as you, so help motivate each other. There are no excuses. Get the coach now and take your training to the next level. No matter the external conditions.

We want to hear your experience of training in winter. How do you overcome the cold weather? Leave your comment below.