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Welcome to the grind


Life changes all the time. Change is inevitable. Yet most people are afraid of it. They call it fate. Bad luck. Difficult circumstances. We call it “the grind” and this is exactly why it’s all part of the ride.

Ever experienced overwhelming highs? Been hit with excruciating lows? Come across moments when you feel indestructible, and others when you wonder if any of this is even worth it? Congratulations. This means you’ve made it. This is life. Welcome to the grind.

It’s not something you can control. We never know what’s waiting for us around the next corner. And usually life has a funny way of throwing us off track, just when we think we’ve got it all figured out. That’s the beauty of it. And it’s also what in the end, defines us.

Not the ability to control everything. Not the choice to tap out when things get tough. It’s about playing the hand you’re dealt and making it a winner.

Giving your all to turn bad luck, poor circumstances and who you once were, into the thing that drives you. Saying hell yes to being the underdog. Because in the end it’s these guys who really succeed. It’s these guys who earn it.

So don’t fear the grind. Quit letting change just happen to you. There’s no more “riding the wave” or “going with the flow”. From now on, you drive the change you want to happen. You become the maker of your fate. You take on the grind. And one day you will learn to love it. Because with change comes achievement, success, excitement and thrill.

And if things take a turn for the worst…? It’s simple: you deal with it. After all, you will never experience the highs without getting to know the real feeling of struggle first. So start now. Work hard day in day out and get prepared. With the right mental strength, there’s nothing life can throw at you, that you aren’t ready to take on and conquer.

Without grind there is no greatness.

Welcome to the grind. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.