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Don’t trust the scales! There are better ways to measure progress


Progress isn’t all about weight. If you stick to using scales as the only way to measure your progress, expect to be disappointed and discouraged. Because if you’re training the right way, your weight won’t fall as fast as you think it should. This is due to the fact, that you will gain muscle, which has a much greater density than fat, meaning it weighs more with less volume than fat. Stop focusing on the numbers, instead here are some far more significant ways of measuring how far you’ve come.

Look in the mirror

The mirror never lies. Unlike scales, that only show you numbers, the mirror shows your body shape. Whether you’ve become more toned or muscular. It shows how much your shape has changed or what area you need to exercise more.

Look back through your Freeletics feed

Looking back on your times and comments after every training will help you see how much your workouts have improved. After a few weeks you’ll see a huge difference in your times and performance. There’s no doubt about that. But also how your comments change from “Almost gave up”, “Next time I’ll be better” to “I owned Aphrodite” or “today I proved to myself that nothing is impossible”. This is a huge indication of progress.

Your confidence

Not all progress is physical. You’ll feel a boost in your energy and confidence levels. How do you measure this? Ask yourself “have I started any new projects?” “Taken any risks that I never would have before?” If so, then that’s because you’re more confident. You feel much more comfortable with yourself to take on new challenges. Sometimes this is all you need to keep you motivated and moving forwards.

What you eat

Your attitude towards food will change. Why? Because when you see how being healthy pays off you can get hooked on the feeling of pride and progress. So if you used to binge on chocolate and unhealthy foods before and now you feel guilty or the craving has gone, this is when you know you’ve made progress.

When the scale doesn’t move, don’t give up. Don’t lose focus on what you want to achieve. Remember, you control the number. The number doesn’t control you.

How do you measure your progress? If the numbers don’t show you a difference, try these methods and tell us what they told you instead. Leave a comment below.