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5 "healthy" drinks that are surprisingly not so healthy

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When it comes to choosing the right food and drinks, awareness is key to making the right choice. Unfortunately, many of us grab a cold drink from the fridge unaware of how bad for us it can really be. “Natural”, “100% juice”, green labelling and packaging can trick us into thinking it’s the healthiest choice. When most likely it’s not.

So we’ve found the top unlikely culprits that are most likely to trick you. Once you are aware of the hidden dangers to your health, it’s easier to know what to avoid. And make the right choice next time you open the fridge.


This one tricks so many. Yes, we often recommend smoothies to athletes. But as long as you make them yourself, using fresh ingredients, and best with a mixture of both fruit and vegetables. Namely greens. Buy a smoothie in a store and it’s more than likely to be full of sugar and an unexpectedly huge amount of calories. Always make sure to check the ingredient list and nutrition table. Best to avoid if there is sugar listed.

Fruit juice

You’re probably thinking “isn’t fruit good for me?”. The answer is yes. Fruit is extremely healthy. However, fruit juice does not act like fruit in your body. It lacks the fiber that a whole apple provides. However if you do prefer a fruit juice after a workout, rather than an apple, just ensure it’s the right amount. And again: read the ingredient list. No added sugar is always important.

Energy drinks

They may say they give you an energy boost to get you through the day, but it’s worth it to steer clear of energy drinks. The energy boost lasts only a short duration as they are very high in artificial sugar and caffeine which can cause headaches, migraines and increased anxiety. What’s wrong with a cup of black coffee in the morning to wake you up?

Zero-calorie drinks

Zero calories mean zero weight gain right? Unfortunately, this couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not the easiest thing to explain without going into too much detail, but some artificial sweeteners are said to cause heavy cravings and in the long run inflammations. As long as these controversial points are not finally proven or disproven we recommend to stay on the safe side and avoid zero drinks. What about sparkling water with fresh lemon or other fruit instead?

Coconut water

There seems to be a huge hype for coconut water. Believed to be the best thing for hydration, energy and low in calories, some swear to it as a post workout drink. We say: It can be, yes, as it is much lower in calories and sugar than a sports drink, but it is not the miracle cure it often is promoted as. Also coconut water is very expensive. So if you dont want to spend a lot of money stick to what you know works best. A banana and good old fashioned water to keep you hydrated and energized.“

When it comes down to it, everything will tell you it’s the best option. The healthiest.  Or it has the lowest of calories. So always stay one step ahead. Always stay informed and aware. And just because it’s not filled with sugar doesn’t mean it won’t taste good. Try our alternatives and you’ll see for yourself.