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Those who are not yet Free Athletes may ask you, “What’s so special about Freeletics training?” These people have no idea of the feeling you get from being a Free Athlete. Because only a Free Athlete knows what it’s like when you achieve your personal best. When you master one pullup…or hundreds. These are all reasons that make the hard work that goes into Freeletics so worth it and the feeling of success even better.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your athletic journey or if you’ve been a Free Athlete for a while, the Freeletics fundamentals TOUGH, TOGETHER, FREE apply to all Free Athletes. So here is a reminder of how these fundamentals prove that Freeletics is the best form of sport that you can choose if you want to become healthier, fitter and more motivated.

Freeletics is TOUGH

Freeletics is about enjoying the difficult. It’s about constantly performing the hardest task of all, challenging yourself. That’s what makes Freeletics tough. And that’s why it never gets easier. It’s like choosing the highest mountain to conquer and enjoying every step. Because the best view only comes after the hardest climb. But always remember to reward yourself for your hard work. Give yourself a star for your efficiency and technique.

Free Athletes are TOGETHER

By becoming a Free Athlete you are not only choosing a long-term athletic lifestyle. But you are also joining a movement. Together, with a community of over 2 million Free Athletes you are never alone and always working together towards your goals. So get connected. Visit the Freeletics Leaderboard to become inspired by the success of friends or other Free Athletes. Because the Freeletics community are there to help each other. If you’re a beginner you can get advice on your technique or if you have been doing Freeletics for a while you can inspire others and give tips on how to master skills. Take a look at the Freeletics youtube page to watch other Free Athletes on their athletic journey. Even better, find the nearest Freeletics training group to you and join it. Take a friend along with you. Training is always better when you have someone to train together with. A friendly bit of competition will also push you to work harder.

Free Athletes are FREE

Free Athletes train in every condition, anywhere and at any time. Rain, snow or sunshine. In the park, on the beach, in a field. Before work, during the lunch break or late at night. Because Freeletics is bodyweight only, you don’t need any training equipment or weights. So there are No Excuses. You can do it any time of the day and fit it into your busy schedule. If it’s winter and there’s snow, you can do your workout from the comfort of your living room. Whether it’s spring or summer and the sun is shining then you can get outside and enjoy it. The choice is yours. But there is really nothing that is holding you back.

So next time you are feeling low on motivation or someone asks you “What’s so special about Freeletics training?”, use these fundamentals to remind yourself or anyone else why Freeletics is the best sport for you. Be one step closer to becoming fitter and feeling better about yourself than ever.

We want to hear from YOU. What do you think the best thing about being a Free Athlete is? Leave a comment below