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The ultimate kick with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson


“I’m known for my kicks. When I’m fighting, my legs not only have to be strong, they have to be tireless too.”

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is a champion MMA fighter, known for his fearsome head kicks. But they don’t come from nowhere. Wonderboy trains hard to develop his kicks and he trains smart.

These are the three components that make up the ultimate kick, according to Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

Lower body power

It goes without saying - kicks are all about the legs. As Wonderboy himself says, “if you’ve got the legs, nobody can defeat you.” To be able to kick hard and fast, you need to develop explosive power. Think exercises like Jumps, Squat Jumps and Split Lunges. These are all plyometric exercises which enable you to generate power quickly and effectively by activating the fast twitch muscle fibers.

Core strength

Your core is what connects your upper and lower body, so keeping it in shape is paramount. Having a strong core means that you’ll be able to transfer force quickly and effectively from one part of the body to another. In this case, this means from the trunk to the legs.

To fully train your core, you need more than just Situps. For a holistic core strengthening workout, look to include exercises like Plank Twists, Jackknives and Hanging Leg or Knee Raises.


“When you’re throwing these kicks in the gym, you have to have control, it’s the most important thing.” Even the best fighter can’t get the most from his kicks if he’s unable to balance when performing them. And balance is a psychological strength too.

Exercises like Standing Scales, Pistol Squats and even Squats are one way to train balance, but you should also consider mental training and meditation techniques to improve focus and body awareness.

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