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Why your imagination is the key to your success

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If you want to be successful, dare to dream big. Your imagination isn’t just a place to store the things that you will always want but never achieve. It’s the starting point of your success. Every goal you will ever reach starts off as something you imagine. You just have to believe in it. Work on it. Chase it. And it will become your reality. Here is how to use your imagination as a tool for your success.

Imagination is a magnet for making things happen. When you imagine something you really want, you develop feelings for it. Happiness, longing, desire. And the combination of your imagination and these feelings; this is what makes success happen.

The problem that many people have however is, they lack belief. Tell themselves “If only” “I wish” “These things never happen in real life”. And with that, dreams are denied any possibility of materialising. Let’s get one thing straight: doing this will never result in you achieving anything you really want.

Think of successful people: professional Athletes. Business executives. World leaders. They started off with a dream. They imagined what they wanted to become. How did they achieve it? They didn’t destroy it. They didn’t refer to it as impossible. They worked on it every day. And at some point they turned something that was once a figment of their imagination, into their reality.


So how do you use your imagination as a tool for success?

Imagine exactly what you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter how far away it might seem: a sixpack, a successful career, a new home. Vision it in as much detail as possible. See it. Hear it. Feel it. Smell it. Believe it.

Then, imagine when you want to achieve it by. 6 months, a year, 2 years. Give yourself a specific time frame.

The next step is to imagine how exactly you’re going to get it. Break it down into achievable stages. If it’s a successful career, imagine the company. The position. Vision yourself at the interview. Giving a presentation. Doing everything you will need to do in order to obtain it.

Build the whole story in your mind. Spend a few minutes every day just thinking about it. Only in a positive way. Tell yourself that one-day you will get there. There is nothing that will stop you. The more you make this a routine, the more likely you are to act upon it. You will realize that it’s not so unachievable after all.

Turn your intentions into actions and your dreams will become your reality.

Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat.

Tell us about your dreams and goals. How do you plan on turning them into reality? Leave a comment below.