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The Awakening


There is a moment of victory that will change you forever. One that happens right there on the training ground, when you are focused and faced with a challenge. When the only weapon you’re armed with is the strength of your mind - a strength given to you as a gift from the Gods.

It comes after reaching the darkest moment. Everything burns. Pain begins to pray on muscles you never even knew existed. But still, you keep moving. Why? Because you’re onto something big. You can feel it. You’ve transformed into a hunter. What it is you’re hunting, you don’t even know yet. But you know it’s there, so continue to fight. One more rep, step or second feels impossible, making it even more rewarding when you reach the final one. And as soon as you do, everything leading up to this moment becomes worth it.

This moment is what we call The Awakening.

It’s not just a gift, but also a lesson, taught by the wisest of them all: The Gods. It will teach you to rise above pain, pressure, struggle and criticism. To stop caring about compliments, acceptance and instafame, or relying on green smoothies and new training shoes to change your life. Not just workouts, but challenges, the Gods will take you on a journey. They will push, enable and empower you to reach new limits and discover new strengths.

Focus. Execute. Awaken. Step up and the Gods give you their word. Challenge them. Fight until the bitter end and you will be rewarded with your awakening. But be prepared to work for it...’ve got to go through Hell to make it to Heaven.