Get your Coach

Not just a fitness app, a lifelong commitment to your success


Since our launch just 5 years ago, Freeletics has grown like mad, driven by users like you who are committed to becoming their best versions. We have continuously improved our products to make sure your training and nutrition experience is the greatest out there. Now we are going a giant step further to redesign the app around core values - ones that guide your transformation into an athlete, mentally and physically. Learn more about the rollout coming soon.

Why the Big Change

As an athlete, you know progress never stands still. You’re always pushing toward another goal, something bigger, something better - a stronger body, a more positive mindset, sustainable success in training and life. We call that long-term athletic development, and we believe in it 100%. That’s why we’ve developed our product further with a new platform that’s built to support your development even more than before. We understand the goals our users have, and we are committed to providing the right kinds of tools to help you meet them. Not just for a few weeks. For your entire life.

Athletic Lifestyle Values in the App

In designing these app upgrades, we drew on the 5 values embraced by every true athlete and built the product around those:

  1. Development: commitment to continuous, long-term athletic development through an effective training program that fosters improvement over time - no shortcuts!

  2. Honesty: acceptance that long-term success, including setting goals and achieving them, only happens with straight-up honesty and accountability.

  3. Respect: appreciation for the athlete’s dedication to lifelong improvement and the need to celebrate reaching each milestone along the journey.

  4. Holistic Approach: awareness that athletic progress requires 3 things: training variety, balanced nutrition and adequate recovery.

  5. Dedication: understanding that no one stumbles on greatness. They earn it through hard work, persistence, realizing their potential and choosing to grasp it.

As the Freeletics updates roll out in phases in the coming 2 months, you’ll be able to see how these values generate exciting new features that will get and keep you motivated on the athlete’s journey to greatness. Stay tuned….