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Freeletics – a training partner that finally gets you


Don’t get swept up in the New Year’s frenzy of quick fixes and catchy gimmicks. Fitness is more than a fling – it’s a long-term commitment to yourself and your goals. It’s about staying the course once the honeymoon period is over and you're back to the daily workout grind. And that’s why who you choose to commit to is key.

Freeletics empowers you to build your training, so that it fits into your lifestyle. Flexible, adaptable, and listens to your feedback - you can say “goodbye” to those one-sided relationships and “hello” to an AI-powered training partner that meets you more than halfway.

Get hot and sweaty on your terms, when and where you want.

In 2024, it's time to cut ties with things that no longer serve you. Imagine how good it feels when someone supports you and pushes you to achieve your best. Freeletics can help you build that long-term relationship with fitness and finally get the results you’ve been dreaming of. It’s time to get physical – are you ready to commit?

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