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How to stay fit on holiday


When you’ve spent weeks before your holiday sweating it out and eating healthily in an effort to feel your best during your time off, why abandon your hard work the minute you reach your destination? David Wiener, Training and Nutrition Specialist at Freeletics gives you six travel exercise tips so you can stay in shape on vacation.

A vacation can do wonders when it comes to reducing your stress levels and helping you to relax and unwind, but it can also derail your fitness regime and undo the hard work you have done. Sure, pre-holiday you may have the best intentions, packing your fit kit and scheduling in a workout each day, but how can you ensure you don’t completely abandon your healthy habits?

Here are six sure-fire ways you’ll stay fit whilst on holiday, regardless of whether you’re “staycationing” or going abroad this year:

HIIT the Pool

If there’s a pool where you’re staying, make the most of it. Swimming is a refreshing way to stay fit and ideal if you’re dealing with minor persistent injuries or craving some time to yourself. Swim lengths of your hotel pool, alternating between a medium pace and swimming as fast as you can for a great HIIT workout that will really burn some calories.

Heading to the pool early in the morning can give your body a calorie-burning boost that will last all day, and if you’re lucky enough to be near the sea, swimming against the waves can add resistance and make your workout more challenging.

Don’t be Afraid to Switch it Up

This year, you may be vacationing closer to home than you might like or indeed have originally planned, but use your new surroundings as an excuse to find unique and fun ways to exercise, breaking out of your routine from home.

Effective workouts aren’t limited to the gym, try hiking, biking, pedal boating or playing beach games with your family to get your heart rate pumping. Getting active with your family can also help to build lasting memories, especially if it’s something you wouldn’t normally do at home.

Get Walking

One of the best ways to explore your surroundings is to get outside and go for a walk. Aim for around 10,000 steps throughout the day to burn roughly 400 calories.

Walking helps tone the legs, ankles and calves, and a good, brisk walk has the same cardiovascular benefits as a slow jog. Walking on different terrain such as sand or pebbles will work your muscles even more, so seek out the beach and hills for a challenging workout.

Master your Mindset

Getting fit and being healthy in the long term is all about mastering your mindset. It’s about creating healthy habits and learning that you’re bigger than your excuses to ensure that exercise and healthy eating becomes part of your lifestyle, even when temptation is all around or you’re not in your usual routine.

For some, holidays are all about relaxing and whilst a demanding workout is anything but relaxing, it’s totally true what they say – you’ll never regret a workout. A change of scenery and pace can lead to a break in your training regime, but if you’re determined to stay healthy and fit while you’re on holiday then nothing can get in your way. It’s important to remember that a short, sharp 20-30 minute HIIT workout is all you need to maintain your fitness levels and work up a sweat, so whether you wake up just a few minutes earlier or commit to a short workout pre-dinner you’ll reap the benefits. If it helps, make a holiday workout regime before you go, and reward yourself with healthy treats, like a massage for sticking to your plans and progressing towards your goal.

No Gym, No Problem

It’s unlikely that while you’re on vacation you’ll want to spend tons of time in the gym, and depending on where you’re vacationing, there may not even be a gym. That’s where fitness apps like Freeletics come in. Requiring no space or equipment, a Freeletics workout can be done within the confines of your hotel room, or outdoors.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Free Athlete, the Freeletics Coach delivers challenging workouts which feature tutorials on form and technique to ensure you’re getting the most from each workout and avoiding injury.

Freeletics also offers a motivating community who regularly share tips and advice, congratulating you on your workouts and results, inspiring you to continue the hard work and create the very best version of yourself.

Listen to your Body

Whatever type of vacation you’re on, remember to enjoy it. You don’t need to set a new personal best while you’re travelling, so if you do miss a workout, don’t beat yourself up about it. The idea is to maintain all the progress you’ve made at home, but still to enjoy yourself. If you’re on an active break, your scheduled daily activities will keep you moving, and if your holiday is all about relaxing, a stroll on the beach or a few lengths of the pool can also be enough.