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3 reasons girls should have biceps

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Put simply, anyone who claims that women shouldn’t have strong biceps is wrong.

It’s a common misconception that training your upper body is all about biceps curls, gains and how much you can bench-press. But it goes way beyond that. Good muscle foundation has so many benefits, especially for women. So next time the guys ask why you’ve joined them in the gym on arm day, hit them with the science:

Improve in other sports

Stereotypical as it might be, the numbers prove that activities like yoga pilates and gymnastics are particularly popular among women. But that doesn't mean that these are 'soft' sports. On the contrary. These activities require considerable upper body strength, stability and mobility. And that’s not all: strong arms support the core during sports like running, hiking and volleyball as they relieve the load on the legs, allowing you to perform harder for longer.

Protect against injury

Good arm muscles (including good bone density) will protect you from fractures and injuries, should you have a fall or accident.

They look great

Don’t be afraid of what you think others find attractive. Having a strong and defined set of biceps looks really damn good. And since women tend to have a lower proportion of their lean tissue distributed in the upper body, you shouldn’t worry about developing upper arms like a bodybuilder.

Let's recap:

Biceps aren't just for the boys. There's plenty of reasons why it's beneficial for women to develop upper body strength and fear of not conforming to stereotypes shouldn't be a reason not to.