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Freeletics Nutrition: The shopping list is here

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Our Nutrition Coach is now equipped with a brand new shopping list feature to make healthy eating more straightforward than ever before. No tedious planning, calculating and preparing your shopping list – just pure pleasure and fast results. Curious to see what’s new? Read on.


Less time planning, more time achieving

The shopping list feature is there to simplify your life. The less time you have to spend planning each meal, the more time you can spend working on your goals. Here’s what you can expect from the new update:

Plan your weekly shopping in seconds

Busy week ahead? Let us take one of those chores off your hands. Do your shopping today. Choose your favourite Coach meals for the week and add them to your shopping list, with just one click. Avoid lengthy planning and ingredient calculations – your perfect shopping list is just a few seconds away.

Keep track of your ingredients

To make shopping easier and faster, we integrated checkmarks that will help you keep track of your purchases. Check off ingredients you already have at home and the ones that just landed in your shopping basket. That’s shopping made faster.

Share your list with friends

Cooking with friends? Someone else doing your shopping today? Export your shopping list and share it with a friend. Click on the “share” button within the shopping list and choose how you want to share.


The Nutrition Coach: Your answer to a healthy, happy Christmas

Many use Christmas as an excuse. Or think it can only be enjoyed with sweet treats and lots of indulging. We are here to prove them wrong. With the Freeletics Nutrition Coach, you can already get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions. Benefit from personalized meal plans and recipes that satisfy your taste buds and help you enjoy Christmas, guilt free. Limited time only: Get an extra Christmas Recipe Guide via email with your Nutrition Coach purchase until December 24th.

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