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Freeletics Austria: The big event


Freeletics is all about pushing the boundaries. Going the extra mile. Never settling for average. Always aiming for outstanding. That’s why this week the spotlight’s on Freeletics Austria and their unbelievable Freeletics event in an old abandoned warehouse in Vienna. They set the bar high and delivered their vision. Read how Harry and Markus from Freeletics Austria made it so successful and how you can do the same in your town.

“From time to time we like to do something special to give back to our training group. To step even further out of our comfort zone and take as many people as possible with us. Exclusive locations, exclusive programs, things like lotteries, challenges, etc. Not what you’d normally find at a regular Freeletics workout.

Recently we had our biggest and best event to date. What made the event especially awesome was the location. We saw the Marx Halle, and knew it was perfect for the Freeletics event. We’re always looking for new, freaky places to do events and this was ideal.

Of course we then had to start advertising the day. Firstly we created an event and pushed this in our groups, on our pages and on the www.[]( website. Even the agency for the Marx Halle posted it on their page. Once it was announced, word spread pretty quickly. One thing that helped us a lot was the fact that we put our all into making it awesome and this showed in the run up to the event. From this the Community became super hyped and motivated. They knew that something big was coming. And so the numbers attending kept rising. We might not do these events that often – but when we do – we try to make sure they are first class.

Here’s how it went:

First there was an introduction. All the athletes got to say a quick hi to one another. Then we explained the plan for the day and went through the warmup.

After a run around the area outside, we did the “Dynamic Warmup Pro” from the app. Each exercise was explained and done for about a Minute. After that we took our group pictures 😉 – for obvious reasons, it was better to do this before.


To take place in the lottery, you had to take part in the Freeletics Challenge– so of course everyone did so. Each group had around 20-25 people and the idea was to do a kind of circuit training. Each station had 2 PROs to ensure correct reps and answer any questions. The goal was to start when the music started and do perfect reps right up until the music stopped playing. Then, on to the next station, where it was the same idea, but with another exercise. Everyone had 45secs to switch stations, which trust us was not easy with 150 people. Exercises were: Burpees, Squats, Pushups and Situps. There was also a group for beginners, so the technique could be explained in more detail. Once all stations had been visited, it was finished. There was a short break – which was used to give everyone their well-earned lottery tickets. After this we started the lottery straight away, with our very own mascot the “lottery bunny”, who did a great job. After a huge applause the official part ended and the athletes were free to do their own workouts. With all the energy and adrenaline, a lot of PBs were achieved that day.

The purpose of the event was clear: we wanted to come together. Surround ourselves with Free Athletes all sharing the same passion and purpose. Everyone, really everyone should respect each other, train healthy, together, communicate without borders, change not only their bodies but also their minds – it’s not just about doing freeletics, it’s about living it. A whole new lifestyle and attitude. Reaching goals. Setting new ones. Becoming aware that you CAN do something others thought you couldn’t…and you, yourself never imagined. We’re tough – we’re together – and we’re FREE 😉 Keep your eye out for our next event.


ClapClap Freeletics Austria. Great commitment. Inspiring attitude. Amazing event!

Has this event inspired you? Now it’s your turn. We want to hear what you have planned for your town. Round up your group. Find a location. Create a hype. Organize something amazing and invite everyone along for the ride. Send your stories to We look forward to hearing from you.