Get your Coach

Train on demand, earn badges, & shape that best version of yourself


Defining a clear path your desired fitness goal can be a big decision. From goal setting to planning your training, it can feel overwhelming.

And then what about staying motivated and consistent so you can reach those goals? That can be even more challenging than the planning.

Luckily, with Freeletics, you have access to a 360-degree training experience which supports you through every step of the journey.

Start by choosing your goals and the Freeletics digital Coach will give you a training plan tailored to your preferences. 

Adapt your training daily, to meet your needs, and specify what equipment you have...this makes it the most adaptive personal Coach you can have….in your pocket!

While the Coach will keep you on the straight and narrow path by giving you a training plan you can follow, sometimes you might want to do something different to reach your goals. 

Want to know more? Read on!

Expand your training variety with our new Explore workouts

Access a library of over 100 workouts to compliment your Coach training plan.

On non-training days, our mobility workouts are great for recovery and stretching. Whether the goal is full-body flexibility or just a daily stretch before bed to get you moving around more, there’s something for everyone no matter your goal or mood.

If you prefer to zone-in on specific muscle groups our body areas workouts such as “Earn your abs”, “Shredded shoulders” or “Living room leg day” allow you to workout what you want, with equipment or without.

Boost motivation and consistency with achievements and badges

Challenge yourself in a fun and engaging way. From completing your first ever Freeletics workout to finishing your first week, earn rewards on your effort whether you are just starting out or getting back into a training routine after a break.

To help you stay consistent with your training, your coach provides an experience selected just for you which ensures that you’ll be able to maintain your training consistency for a longer period of time, beyond the first week.

And while you are at it, you’ll earn badges that prove the hard work you put in. Show off your hard work by sharing your achievements to inspire and motivate your community through friendly competition!