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6 ways to fit exercise into a busy schedule


When you have a busy schedule, your mind will tell you there is no time to exercise. “You have too much work to do.” “Training takes too long.” “You deserve a break.” These are just excuses. Do not listen to them. You are a Free Athlete. You do not make excuses. There is always time to exercise, you just have to plan ahead. Here are some tips to help you fit exercise into your busy schedule:

Train smart

Freeletics can be done anywhere. If you are too busy to get to your favourite training spot, train at home before you leave the house in the morning. Or train at night right after you get home. Remember, most training sessions don’t take very long. You can train on your lunch break, and still have time to clean up before you go back to the office. If you have multiple workouts to do on the same day, do them back to back so you only have to shower once. Be efficient, and you will always have time to train.

Take your athletic gear to work with you

Once you’re home, it's very difficult to get off the couch. Take your exercise clothes with you to work or to uni and train right afterwards. You won’t be tempted to skip your workout, and moreover, you will feel a lot better when you finally arrive home after your training.

Schedule your training

Put every Freeletics training session on your calendar. Make exercise part of your schedule. Sports should not be set aside when you are busy. Your health is not secondary to your job. You don’t exercise “if you have time.” You make time for training by putting it on your calendar.

Meet up with other Free Athletes

Join the local Freeletics community. Or combine exercise with hanging out. You’ll save time, and you won’t skip your training if you know someone is waiting for you. If you are tired and lack motivation, training with a friend gives you someone to compete with. Competition will make you push harder, so you will finish faster. This leaves you more time for your busy schedule.

Track your workouts

Use the App to record your workouts. As you watch your results improve, you will be motivated to keep training.

Stay active

As a last resort, if you are unable to make time for a complete workout, just do some exercises whenever you have a minute or two. Do ten pushups when you wake up in the morning. Do ten burpees before you leave your apartment. Take a break at work and do ten situps. It may not seem like much while you are doing them, but later you will feel the results.

You are not the only one with a hectic schedule. The Free Athletes who top the leaderboards live by these six principles. Instead of making excuses, they make time to train. Now, figure out a way to adjust your schedule for training. The benefits are worth the cost. You will have more energy. You will get more done. You will feel great. And you will be a Free Athlete.

The Freeletics Training Coach gives you the possibility to train as many times in the week as want. Get the Coach now and be even more motivated to make time for training.