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Every workout has its story: Hades

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Do you think you’ve ever really experienced the feeling of glory? The feeling that you have succeeded when everyone else thought you would fail? Well many people never have. Because to really experience this you have to forget fear and take on a challenge. Something that you think is impossible. So let Hades be the challenge that you dare to take on today.

Hades is the workout named after the god of the underworld. And it sure lives up to its name. Created not only to test your physical strength but also your mental determination. With Hades you will go through hell and back again. But once you have conquered Hades the first time you will be hungry to challenge him again.

Before you begin

Put your head phones in. Choose a track that will prepare you for what you are about to experience. Mentally visualize all 3 rounds of burpees, pullups, pushups and 40 meter runs. Vision your speed. How each movement will look. Vision your triumph at the end. Then start.

First round

First 25 burpees. These are almost second nature to a Free Athlete. So use them as a warm up. If you really want to conquer Hades, then the test is not how fast you can do them. It’s about your technique and efficiency. Remember, you are only cheating yourself if you don’t do them right. Next exercise…pullups. Now you know why they say you have to go through hell to get back again. Are they easy? No. But will they be worth it? Yes. Because pullups are just another challenge. Put there for you to overcome. All you need to do is keep going. And yes, you will fall. But everyone who has conquered Hades, struggled at one point. The difference between those who succeeded and those who failed is being able to get back up and try again.

Second round

Now is the real challenge. Your body will try and tell you to slow down. With every pushup, you will feel the muscles in your chest ache. With every pullup, not only your arms feel like they are being worked. But also the muscles in your back. Instead of giving up or slowing down, remember that with every movement you are making progress. And your body will thank Hades for this one day. So use all your determination to fight through the pain. Because you know that it is only you that can determine your success. Only you can achieve your end goal. Only you can achieve your dream. And Hades is giving you the chance to do it. So bite your lip. Grit your teeth. Choose your power song. And maximize your speed on the 40 meter run. Because this will get your adrenaline flowing and set your pace for the last round.

Last round

Do you feel as though Hades is beginning to defeat you? Well in actual fact, the only person that you are competing against is yourself. Your mind is Hades. And it’s the only thing standing between you and what you want to achieve. So before you give your mind the chance to tell you to take a break, hit next and sprint the last 40 meters. Because with every step that you take, you are one step closer to conquering what you set out to do.

The end

What do you feel? Success? Glory? Amazed that you completed it? Proud because you never thought it would be possible? This is why you challenged Hades. And this is what Freeletics is all about. The feeling that you get after accomplishing a Freeletics workout is unexplainable. And this feeling is the reason that you are a Free Athlete and why Hades is so tough.

So don’t ever look at the Freeletics workouts and think that you can’t do them. Because it’s not a question if you can or can’t. It’s a question if you will or won’t. The choice is now yours. Which workout will you choose to challenge next?

We want to hear YOUR workout story. How do you find the motivation to make it through Hades? What do you feel after you have accomplished it? Leave a comment below and motivate others to challenge Hades too.