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Doris’s Transformation: Getting fit and finding confidence after pregnancy


Doris’s transformation journey is one that many parents can relate to.

Before having children, Doris considered herself to be relatively fit and had no weight issues. She was running regularly and playing tennis competitively.

Now married with two children, Doris noticed her weight had increased by almost 15 kilos after pregnancy. Life had changed dramatically for the better for Doris and even though her personal life was complete and full of joy, she was unable to lose, as she calls them, her “love handles.”

Before she embarked on her Freeletics journey, Doris was aware that her lifestyle may have been leading to weight gain. She began to make changes, but she wasn’t getting the results she wanted.

Like many women, pregnancy had left Doris feeling unhappy with her figure, and even though she was trying to watch what she was eating, she decided to do more and take up the hobby she had enjoyed before settling down with her family: running. Plus, she had continued to play league tennis and around a year ago began high-intensity interval training, too.

Doris managed to lose 5 kilos but realized her eating habits weren’t helpful at all. She felt she wasn’t able to stop eating even if she felt full -- as long as there was food still left on her plate. Plus her love for chocolate wasn’t aiding her goal of dropping the extra pounds.

So, Doris looked to Freeletics to get her pre-pregnancy body back (and more) by breaking the vicious cycle she had found herself in. Her goal was to “strengthen her core and move on to a higher fitness level”.

At the beginning of the transformation journey, Doris’s weight was 73.9 kilos. Looking forward to the new challenge and taking part with like-minded people wanting to reach the same goal, Doris excitedly began her 12 weeks of Transformation with the Bodyweight Coach and Nutrition Coach. Despite an injury setback during her transformation, Doris persevered by swapping running with different exercises that accommodated her thigh injury. She didn’t quit, which had been her biggest fear at the start of her journey, and she kept her goal as the main focus, thriving on the support given to her by her family and training team. Despite facing challenges which included having to train apart from her team for some of her transformation program because of the government-mandated lockdown, she kept her spirits up and it paid off. Feeling more confident, Doris noticed her ability to sprint for tennis balls on the court had improved and noticed a great improvement in her agility. It didn’t take long for Doris to start seeing the changes she had been hoping for. Thanks to the Freeletics Nutrition Coach, she even discovered new foods she hadn’t tried before that she now loves, like lentils. By the end of week 12 of her transformation, Doris had dropped 7.5 kilos and 10 cm from her stomach. She found that the Freeletics community kept her motivated throughout the tough 12 weeks. Now, she is planning her next journey and is looking forward to doing it “all over again.”

See Doris’s progress for yourself in the video here:

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