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Conquer 8 Gods in 8 Days: Celebrating 8 years of Freeletics


Freeletics is 8 years old! Over the last 8 years, what started as a simple pdf plan has transformed into the world’s most advanced digital coach, supporting over 50 million athletes around the world in achieving the best version of themselves.

A lot of improvements have been made, and the Community, which is at our core, is even stronger than ever. 8 years of incredible transformations, 8 years of #NoExcuses, 8 years of sweat, 8 years of never settling!

Now, what would 8 years of delivering on our mission be without celebrating the Freeletics way?

A challenge. Starting May 24, 2021, let’s celebrate 8 years of Freeletics by crushing 8 Signature God Workouts in 8 days. Are you in?

How to participate in the challenge

  1. Make sure you update to the most recent version of the Freeletics App.
  2. Open Freeletics and navigate to the "Explore" tab to find the Birthday Challenge Workout of the Day at the top.
  3. To participate in the challenge, tap the God from this featured workout section*. If this is the first time you've tackled this God, you'll earn a badge upon completion. If you've challenged this God before, why not aim for a new PB?
  4. Return every day of the challenge to perform the corresponding workout displayed at the top section of the "Explore" tab.
  5. Don’t forget to share your daily achievement to inspire your community! We’re in this together.

Participation can only be tracked by performing the God from this featured workout section, and not the list.

Your Rewards

When you complete the challenge, you’ll earn a limited edition badge to show off your hard work - hello bragging rights! PLUS, a discount for the Freeletics Essentials shop.*

But wait, that’s not everything. We’re giving away prizes each day on our Instagram channel. Here’s how to participate to take home items like the #NoExcuses Workout Mat and other Freeletics Essentials Gear:

    • Each day, share a photo or video of you completing that day’s God workout, or a screenshot of your session recap screen.
    • Share this to your Instagram feed and in the caption, make sure that you use the following hashtag: #8gods8days and don’t forget to tag @Freeletics
    • To be entered to win, your account must be public so that we can see your submission. You can always go back to private once the giveaway is complete!

Some VIP info you should keep in mind

  1. In order to qualify to win the badge, you must complete each workout in the correct order on the specified day (Example - Day 1 is Persephone).
  2. *The discount for the Freeletics Essentials shop will be sent only to users living in the countries that Essentials ships to: all EU countries, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, and the USA.
  3. In order to qualify to win the daily giveaways on Instagram, your account must be public - or else we won’t be able to see your posts.

Let's crush those God Workouts together!

Take me to the challenge!