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From sporty to a true Free Athlete – Bettina’s story

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You will never know your true potential unless you push yourself to unleash it. This is what Bettina discovered when she started training with Freeletics. Already into sports and healthy living, Bettina wanted to see what would happen if she pushed herself to her limits. Discover her story here:


Hi, my name’s Bettina and I’m from a place close to Vienna in Austria. As a mathematics and PE teacher, I always did a lot of sports like volleyball, weight training, skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, swimming and climbing. But I never really stuck to anything or gave it my all, until a friend asked me if I want to train with him. He showed me this one app that he trains with, called Freeletics. After testing it a few times I knew it was a game changer, so I bought the Freeletics Coach and began to train regularly.


After only 4 weeks with the Freeletics Coach, I already saw a huge difference in my appearance and performance. My abs became visible and my whole body was much more defined. I also finally mastered Pullups and can now do 10-15 clean repetitions!


Freeletics helped me in more ways than I ever expected. I was always fit, but now I really feel as though I am the best version of myself. I am much more self-confident, and willing to take on new challenges. And not just sports, but also in my professional and personal life. My personal goal now is to continue. To keep getting better and reach the next level. I also want to inspire others to start with Freeletics. I know how much it’s changed my life for the better and think everyone should have a chance to experience this lifestyle.


To me Freeletics means freedom. The freedom to train whenever and wherever I want. I don’t depend on a gym’s opening hours, and I’m not tied down to a certain time of day. Just half an hour during work is enough to finish one workout. I would recommend it to anyone who like me, has a tight schedule but want to achieve more.


Ready to reach the next level? Become your best version and discover how much you’re really capable of.