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Action and relaxing: Getting the vacation balance right


Vacation and exercise are two stress reducing activities we all know work. So how come combining the two seems out of the question? Why is it that “exercise” and “relaxed holiday” are rarely used in the same sentence? The best holidays are a perfect combination of action and relaxing. So here’s how to get the balance right.

Train before the sun comes up

You don’t want to miss any time exploring, sunbathing or just hanging out right? All you need to do is wake up 20 minutes earlier. 20 minutes: be honest…that’s nothing. Once training’s out the way you don’t need to give it a second thought. You’ll feel great. And the rest of the day is yours to do with as you please. Enjoy.

Make your workout a memory, not a task

Memories make holidays. And the best occur when we step outside of our comfort zone. Don’t stick to your hotel gym. Seek out activities sure to give you an adrenaline rush. Climb a mountain. Train on the beach when the sun is coming up. Find the most breathtaking route on the island and run it with an epic playlist in your ears. These are the things you will look back on in years to come. The fact it’s also exercise…hey that’s just a bonus.

Think “relax”, not “go crazy”

We all want to forget our worries and relax when on vacation. Well, guess what? This is still possible without losing all self-control. When it comes to nutrition, take it easy, relax, indulge and enjoy. Just never go crazy. Regret is the worst memory you can have of a holiday.

Always be prepared

You may be hit with a sudden burst of energy. Or come across the perfect spot to take a training photo for your feed. These are all opportunities to work out. And if you’re prepared, why the hell not? Even if it’s just 10 Burpees: pull out your mat, open you app, and aim for a PB. Take a look at Freeletics Essentials, get kitted out, and always be prepared for a kick-ass training session.

Your holiday, your rules

Some will call you crazy. They will disagree with your decision to train on holiday. Say vacation is a time “to do nothing”. Pay no notice. It is you who will get the most out of your holiday. And chances are, those who diss you, wish they could be the same, but don’t possess the mental strength. On holiday, invite your friends and family to train with you. But remember, if it’s just you, that’s ok too. Your holiday, your rules.

Don’t forget to # your Freeletics photos. The world is your gym. Where does your training take you?