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7 reasons why a cup of tea really does fix everything

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From a delicate cup of Earl Grey to a strong, wake-me-up Green, there‘s really nothing like a good old cup of tea. Tea is the most highly consumed beverage in the world after water, and apart from being a comforting drink to wind down with, it‘s proving to play a much bigger role in a healthy diet. But where exactly do the health benefits come from? Well, you can put down those saucer cups and get chugging, because we‘ve listed 7 reasons why tea is awesome for you.

It‘s chock-full of antioxidants

All teas contain antioxidants, but if you‘re looking for a double dose, green tea goes the extra mile. It contains anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and even anti-ageing properties, among others. Looking for a real hit? Then matcha is the answer. Because of the way it‘s ground, it provides the same benefits you‘d get from actually eating an entire tea leaf. Not to mention its antioxidant content, which is nearly 100 times greater than a standard cup of green tea.

It can save you a visit to the Doctor‘s

A cup of tea might look fairly unassuming, but it could actually be capable of tackling some of the biggest health problems we face today. Regular consumption of black and/or green tea has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

It‘s slimming

Black, white and green tea have all been hailed as heroes when it comes to our waistline, and white tea has even been labelled ‘a natural source of slimming substances’ due to its ability to block the growth of new fat cells. Black and green tea are the real champions here though, as they‘re able to burn calories, slow fat absorption, and even reduce appetite. While this is by no means an excuse to skip your evening training session, drinking 3-5 cups of tea daily can help give you that extra push you need to get #SummerBody ready.

It gives you strong bones

It might be true what they say – a cup a day keeps the doctor away. The antioxidants found in tea can decrease the number of cells that break down bone, and increase the number of cells that actually build bone.

It‘s an oral hygiene promoter

Forgot to floss last night? Don‘t worry, high levels of fluoride make tea one of the best ways to maintain good oral health, as it provides just under half of the recommended daily allowance. If you want to take extra good care of those pearly-whites, reach for a cup of Green. Green tea fights bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay, and can even be used as mouthwash to kill bacteria and reduce bad breath.

It‘s a natural digestive

When you‘re feeling a bit under the weather, sipping on a hot drink can be both comforting and relaxing, but did you know it‘s also scientifically proven to help restore the balance? For example, peppermint tea helps relieve stomach cramps, fennel fights bloating, and ginger is extremely effective against nausea, indigestion and motion sickness. So next time you‘re feeling a bit sluggish, a cup of herbal tea may be all you need to get you going again.

It calms you down

Feeling stressed? Can‘t focus? Then tea might be just the remedy you‘re looking for. L-theanine, one of the natural substances in tea, has been found to have a relaxing effect on the mind and reduce anxiety. Fun fact: L-theanine also sharpens your concentration and boosts memory, without making you sleepy or giving you those caffeine lows you often get from drinking a cup of coffee.