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7 days of self care


November 12th marks the start of the global Self Care Week. To mark the occasion, our team of health specialists, leading nutritionists and training experts will be providing you with articles about different aspects of self care every day this week. From stress management to skincare and from mindfulness to mates, we’ll be covering everything that goes into looking after yourself and respecting your body. Here’s what’s in store when you stay tuned:

Self care goes beyond your workout

We all know that Freeletics is about more than just getting fit or losing weight; it’s about leading a holistic lifestyle and striving to optimise every aspect of ourselves. But we can’t lead this life without looking after the most important cog in this machine: us. This is why self care is so important. Self care is what empowers you and enables you to become the Free Athlete you want to become. Without respect for your body and your mind, you can’t grow and improve. Keep checking the blog this week for everything you could possibly need to know about self care and help make your Freeletics Journey the best it could be.

Caring for your body should be the ultimate priority for any Free Athlete, which is why we’ve compiled this series of articles to help you on your journey to becoming the greatest version of yourself.