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6 big changes coming your way

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We go way back. With you through thick and thin. Through every burpee, there for your first pullup, together against the elements: Your Coach is proud to have you on board and we are proud to have you on our team. As a long-term Coach user, you know more than anyone that success doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by change. For this reason we want to tell you more about the brand new Freeletics 4.0 update and give you an insight into what this means for you as a Free Athlete.

Helping you become your best version

We have carefully listened to feedback and analyzed training data of all our athletes worldwide to find out how we can truly become better and make a significant step towards our vision, together.

One result of this is that we have developed a completely new training technology that the Coach will use from now on, based on a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and athletic expertise. Another result is that we created a new training system that will complement the God workouts you know and love – or love to hate.

Freeletics like you’ve never experienced it before - 6 big changes:

#1: A smarter, faster and more flexible Coach

State of the art coaching technology means your Coach learns from the performance of all Free Athletes and constantly adapts and improves. Machine learning algorithms allow the Coach to truly get to know you, your strengths, your weaknesses, your capabilities and simply what works for you and what doesn’t.

#2: Interval trainings built for you

We know you’re used to going all out, all the time. But intervals are different. This is the first type of Freeletics bodyweight training where time is irrelevant. We now also deliver a fully individualized training experience based on speed and intensity level, designed to improve technique without time pressure and prepare you to take on the Gods. Each interval is built for you by your Coach, keeping in mind your goal, movement abilities and overall training load.

#3: Single exercises

You will now regularly see single exercises with lower repetitions in your training plan. Why? Your Coach uses them to make you better at the fundamentals – which doesn’t mean faster. By focusing on proper form, your Coach learns what you are currently capable of and pushes you towards what you are truly capable of. Ensuring you progress as fast as possible.

#4: The return of running

Runs will return to your weekly Coach plan. Why? Running is effective. If you want results, you run. Nothing to add.

#5: Shortened versions of the God workouts

We know you are used to high volume workouts – and you can handle them! But from now on, you will more often see shortened versions of the original workouts and less often see 2x or 3x workouts. Why? “More” is not always better. We want to create the most effective training for you. And actually, shorter workouts allow athletes to go harder for a shorter time. This is what toughness truly means: Giving it your absolute all when it counts! In combination with our new intervals, this training experience will offer you more variety and progression over time.

#6: New exercises

Yes, we heard you – and we listened. We created a great set of new exercises included in the interval trainings – over 100 to be precise. 40 of these will be included in the first version of the intervals. Why not all? Right now, we want to learn and observe, so we can continuously improve your Coach step by step. Sit tight. This is just the beginning.

The road to success is always under construction. To keep you changing, improving and progressing, we must too. So stay tuned, keep working hard and give everything you’ve got into training with Freeletics. Because trust us, this is only the beginning.