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5 tips on how to dress like an athlete


Your training session starts the moment you put on your sports clothes. It's what gets you in the mood to train and gets you in the mindset to perform. So it's important to choose the right clothes for your workout. Something that not only looks good and is comfortable, but when you put it on, you feel hyped and ready to perform at your best. To give you a better idea, here are some tips to follow when choosing the right clothes to workout in.

Try training clothes on first

By trying your workout clothes on before you choose them you can make sure that they not only fit right, but that you feel like an athlete wearing them. When you put the right items on, you already know it’s going to be a star performance. But you don’t know this if you order something without trying it on. Make sure you balance what looks good with what’s functional. Although it is important that you look good in what you wear, you’re there to perform. To achieve a PB. So you need something that’s going to help you do that. Try doing Squats or Situps in them before you choose them. They need to allow your body the move in its full range of motion.

Choose your shoes carefully

Sports shoes are probably the most important piece of fitness equipment that you will buy. If you don’t choose the right kind for your chosen sport, then they aren’t going to support the foot. This can lead to stress fractures. Go to a specialist store and ask an employee to help you find shoes that are right for Freeletics and right for your body. Don’t keep them too long. If you’re training 4 times a week, then they’re going to wear out after running 400-500 miles, or after an equivalent amount of Burpees, High Jumps, and Squats. If you’re experiencing knee, foot, and even lower back pain when you train, consider that you may need a new pair of shoes.

Take the weather into consideration

Many athletes train on the way home from work or between classes at uni. This means they grab exercise clothes in the morning before they go out the door. Instead, make sure you’re prepared. Take extra layers and different options. Remember, weather isn’t an excuse. So if it starts to hail and snow you have a choice. Either you get really wet, or you put on the extra layer you took with you.

Don’t wear the same clothes for all kind of sports

You never see a footballer on the pitch wearing a basketball strip. Just like you wouldn’t wear you’re Saturday night outfit to work. They are designed for different things. Different movements. Different functions. For example, training leggings with a zip pouch at the back are good for keeping your keys in when running. But there’s nothing worse than when the zip digs into your back doing Situps.

Pay attention to fabrics

Some fabrics are designed to pull sweat away from your skin during exercise. Others absorb it. You want to choose moisture wicking fabrics containing polypropylene for doing Freeletics. Because when you sweat a lot they allow the sweat to evaporate from the skin. Cotton absorbs the sweat. It will become heavy and wet as you exercise. If you’ve done a workout like Aphrodite or Ares, you’ll know how hot you become. So avoid rubber or plastic-based materials. Instead of cooling you down, these materials heat your body even more.

An athlete doesn’t choose just any clothes to workout in. Each piece of clothing is specially selected to help them feel like an athlete and move like an athlete.

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