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5 reasons you can’t help but love Aphrodite

Header Aphrodite

Come on, admit it – you love Aphrodite. Every Free Athlete does. No matter how long it takes you to hit start, how many times you consider giving up, how often you curse and swear to yourself “never again” – as soon as it’s over, you fall straight back in love again. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re too soft or too forgiving. Aphrodite, has a way of luring us in. And the following 5 reasons are exactly why we’re all guilty of falling under her spell.

She’s proof of what you are capable of

Aphrodite is like no other sport. It’s the ultimate test of power, speed, endurance and mental strength, and whether you run a marathon or swim the English channel, you’ll struggle to find something that challenges you in the same way Aphrodite does. That’s why from time to time, it’s nice to be reminded of the incredible things your body is capable of.

She leaves your entire body looking and feeling trained

Whether it’s the pain in your butt every time you go down the stairs, the agony in your abs when someone makes you laugh, or the burn in your biceps trying to wash your hair in the shower…Aphrodite likes to leave us with a reminder. And our ever-changing reflection in the mirror means this reminder lasts way longer than any muscle pain.

She makes breakfast a million times more satisfying

There is no better feeling than sitting down at the breakfast table in front of a huge bowl of snickers porridge and knowing you’ve earned it.

She earns you respect

“Whaaaaat…you conquered Aphrodite this morning? Respect!” – a comment we never grow tired of hearing.

She sets the bar for a kickass day

We all feel different on the days we’ve done an Aphrodite. She sets the scene for a powerful and confident day, full of success and goal-setting. So go get her.

Time to stop fighting your feelings, embrace the love and put up with the pain.