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Why Great Athletes Make Great Business People

Why Great Athletes Make Great Business People copy

It takes a special kind of person to be a great athlete. They live the sport. They eat, sleep, and breathe the sport. Eventually though, athletes have to retire from the game and many times they end up being entrepreneurs. Many of them become very successful entrepreneurs. Why? What did they learn from being an athlete that they carried over to the business world?

● Be a Team Player- In business, you can be the CEO, but without your team, you won’t get much done. You learn how to rely on your teammates as an athlete. It could mean a win or lose. Also, if you aren’t a good team player, you lose the respect of your teammates. Without the respect of your workers, you won’t get high quality work.

● Learn from the competition- Before a team or athlete competes with another, a thorough study of their tactics is done. When they get on the field, each member of the team will know who they are going up against. They learn their strengths and their weaknesses and have a plan on how to beat them. A good business person does the same. Knowing their competition helps them to stay a step ahead and stay on top.

● Resilience- Athletes take a beating and get right back up. They don’t give up, even when they are facing imminent loss. They don’t have someone holding their hand and helping them along. It’s all up to them. Entrepreneurs must do the same. The business world is competitive and you won’t be successful without a thick skin and a little bit of stubbornness.

● Decision Making Skills- As an athlete, you need to decide…and decide quick. Time is of the essence. Fractions of a second can mean the difference between gold and silver, Cup winner or second place. In business opportunities arise, decisions need to be made. There’s no room for wishy washy when building a business. You must be decisive and take some risks.

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