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There’s science behind creating a great to do list…and we’ve cracked it!

There’s science behind creating a great to do list…and we’ve cracked it! copy

Being rockstar athletes doesn’t happen without some serious planning and mental cataloguing. It’s hard to keep everything straight in your mind, that’s why successful people write a to-do list.

Your Freeletics coach will take care of your fitness and nutrition, but you are responsible for the rest of the day. How do you make sure you make a good to do list- and stick to it? It does no good to write a killer to do list if you won’t follow through. The goal is to check those tasks off, one by one.

A to-do list can get overwhelming if you don’t do it right. Here are some quick tips to keep your sanity and supercharge your productivity:

● KISS it. Keep it simple, stupid. If you put down everything on your list, your brain will freak out every time you look at your list and shut down. Making your list seem manageable will help you to tackle it with more confidence.

● Prioritize. Write your list with the most important task at the top (i.e getting your Freeletics workout done). Then add the next tasks on your list according to how they fall on the totem pole.

● Be specific. Instead of putting “work on design project” as a task on your list, get more specific. “Brainstorm design solutions for Mackintyre Project” would be a better task that motivates action.

● Gauge the time. Beside every task you should write how much time you estimate this task should take. If you find you don’t have enough time to complete the next task on your list, scroll down the list to see which ones you can complete. This is called using your time wisely.

● Celebrate your accomplishments. Even if it’s as simple as putting a gold star next to each task you complete, giving yourself a visual high five can boost your productivity.

● Put it in front of your face. Your to do list should always be visible. Keeping your to-do list within sight will help you to remember to stay on task and not end up killing time doing unproductive things (like getting lost in the meme world for 2 hours).

Having a doable to-do list makes you more likely to stick to it. Follow the steps above and you’ll find yourself crushing your to-do list like a boss. Don’t forget to put your workouts and meal prepping in there. Crushing a to-do list is always easier with a healthy and strong body.