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The CEO Challenge

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What makes a good leader? Leaders aren’t necessarily the fittest or the fastest. They inspire by taking action. Leaders enable and encourage their team to be creative, think outside the box and take on new challenges. They are always willing to try something new. Something out of the ordinary.

Great leaders are prepared to work hard for their team. So prepare yourself. It’s time to get to work.

The Freeletics CEO Challenge:

We’re setting CEOs of companies big and small the challenge to become better role models for their team. All they’ve got do is exercise consistently for four weeks with Freeletics. Think you or your boss have got what it takes? Read on because there’s a method to the madness:

Studies suggest that athletes make the most hardworking and dedicated employees. At Freeletics, our success does not depend on each individual's talent or intelligence. It is the entire team’s combination of perseverance and passion that drives us towards reaching our goals. Together, we develop and nurture our team spirit on the training ground and benefit from it in the boardroom.

Leaders are the driving force behind their company’s culture. By showing that they are passionate and committed to taking risks and facing challenges, they inspire their workforce, keep them engaged and empower them to lead healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.

By taking part and following a Freeletics Training Journey consistently, you are making a huge change in your company. Involve your entire workforce and instill the collaborative spirit of Freeletics into your everyday working life. Start a regular team training session or invite your employees to do their own Training Journeys alongside you.

And that’s not all. The challenge is a way of unlocking a fitness and wellbeing program for the entire workforce - statistically proven to have not just physical, but financial benefits too. Companies with active health programs attract lower insurance rates, clock up fewer sick days and have a smaller staff turnover.

There are three prizes up for grabs for all teams whose CEOs complete their Training Journey:

#3: All Participants who complete four weeks of their Training Journey within the competition period automatically unlock a 50% discount on the Freeletics Training Coach for their entire company (excluding affiliated companies).

#2: The CEO who shows the most team involvement and company spirit in their challenge by sharing content in the app and on social media with hashtag #FreeleticsCEOChallenge will win a free 6 month Coach subscription and 50% discount afterwards for their entire company. Team training is the highlight of the week in the Freeletics office. It’s the best team-building exercise and our way to clear our minds and destress. It’s worth making it yours.

#1: This is the big one. The CEO who uses hashtag #FreeleticsCEOChallenge and documents their journey via blog, vlog, or on their professional or personal social media and shows either the most inspiring, biggest or best transformation will win 6 months free Coaching for their entire company, along with a substantial Freeletics equipment package and a training and nutrition presentation and workshop from our Freeletics experts.

Up for the challenge?

  • Are you an employer who wants to make a difference to both yourself and your team?
  • Are you an employee who wants to sign your employer up for a serious challenge?

Then register now:

We dare you to take on the challenge. Enter your company name and the name of you or your CEO here to enter the challenge. We’ll get back to you with further instructions.

This is the only opportunity to put your team, your company and your health all in first place. Take one for the team. #DareToBeFree