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“Set fixed training sessions!” – Dominik’s story

1 Dominik Sikiric Blog

Last winter, I was stressed with two jobs, then I also got injured and didn’t train for more than a year.

I gained more than 15kg in that time. I was fat, injured and I couldn’t even think about training. At that time I weighed 100kg. After that year-break from training, I decided to try bodyweight training for the first time. In November I bought my Freeletics Coach for the whole year. I trained three times a week with my Coach and played basketball and football once a week. I rested two days a week.

As I used to play football for over 15 years before getting injured, I was used to training and I could picture myself being strong, lean, capable of doing whatever I wanted, which was really helpful for my journey. I would say it took 80% mental and 20% physical work. Before you start, you need to know why you want to achieve your goal – start with the why, not the how. My other tip for everyone would be that once you decide how many times a week you will do Freeletics, you should  also decide on which days you are going to do it. That way you have a good routine.

I would like to share my transformation with others, because this community is so supportive and this is my own way of giving back.