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“Hard work always pays off” - Sebastian’s Transformation

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Before Basti started using Freeletics, he’d never really cared about his fitness. Then his doctor told him he should focus on his health and he found the app that would change his life.

My name is Basti, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Munich. When I first started with Freeletics, my aim was to improve my stamina and endurance, but I also wanted to lose weight. My doctor also recommended that I should do something to improve my fitness, so this was a further incentive to make the change I needed.

I wanted to totally change my lifestyle, so I started to use both Freeletics Training and Nutrition. My journey with Freeletics was difficult and at times, I had to really push myself. But all along, I knew I had it in me to reach the goals I was setting. After all, hard work always pays.

I didn’t let bad days or bad weather stop me. Sometimes I’d ask myself, “is all this hard training worth it?” But deep down, I always knew the answer was yes.

Three months in and I had never felt so amazing. When I started my Freeletics journey, I weighed 89kg and wasn’t in great shape. So far, I’ve lost 15kg and my body fat percentage has gone down considerably. I feel so much lighter now; it’s as if I’m not being weighed down any more. On top of this, my daily tasks are now a lot easier to complete and I have so much more energy.

It’s truly amazing what you can achieve in just three months if you have the right mindset and commit yourself to something 100%. I couldn’t be prouder of what I’ve achieved, and this is just the start! Freeletics helped me to improve my life and it can change yours too!

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