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Proud Freeletics mom – Mariajosé’s story

5 Ma Jose Becerril blog

My husband and I fell pregnant with our first baby during my studies. After that, I always dreamt that our baby would be present at my graduation. Unfortunately, destiny decided differently and we did not have a child. This was the hardest pain I have ever gone through in my life.

Now I have a beautiful daughter and I feel so fulfilled since she arrived in our lives. I was so happy when she was born that I didn’t think about anything else, so I paid little attention to the weight I had gained. However, my self-esteem was soon affected by this, and was then coupled with problems with my partner, ending in separation after 15 years of marriage.

It was during the hardest part of this time that Freeletics came into my life. This meant taking on a mental and physical challenge. I remember crying because I felt the urge to give up. But at the same time I kept telling myself “you can do it!” And so I did.

With Freeletics I lost 7kg and I am about to run a 17k mountain race.

Freeletics changed my life. It came to take my hand and show my the right path to follow to become my best version.

I’m happy to say I’m a Freeletics woman and proud representative of the Freeletics Mom crew.