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“I am not a victim of circumstance.” – Angelina’s story

975x650 Angelina

In February 2016 I started a new job and with it, Freeletics. My boss had told me about it and I began to do my own research online. At that point I read every single success story that had been published, I spent hours going through them!

But sometimes destiny takes beloved people away. And this will rob you of more power than anything else in life. And so I had to accompany a dearly beloved, very ill family member through to their final moments. I have battled with depression since my early twenties, have been in therapy and have taken a lot of antidepressants. Daily and for years I was unhappy, unsatisfied, out of balance and above all without much joy for living. My days were long and hard, both for my body and my mind. After this last heartbreak of losing a loved one, it was hard to find the strength to get up, let alone do some exercise. I fell into a new depressive hole for two to three weeks.

Finally I had something I could do with myself when the depression was trying to crush me again. Freeletics gives me so much more than that fleeting kick which then wears off again, like a drug which makes me physically and mentally break down. That’s what alcohol once did to me. Now I enjoy it within limits and I know that I don’t drink because I am frustrated anymore. Now I am much more healthy than before. It feels like there is more life in me again. You can live with depression, but with this vitality I feel now, you can live much better.